May 2015 - Recurring Electrical Verification of Industry Complex

Installation Tester

Occupational Health and Safety Authorities require the recurring verification of electrical installations in industrial buildings. Hirsch Servo AG in Glanegg (Carinthia, Austria) had the electrical installation of all production-, storage- and office facilities verified by Zehndorfer Engineering. Since the available electrical plant documentation was incomplete, a new replacement plant document including single line diagrams was prepared.
The assessment was mainly done during running production, but also at night and in the week end when machines were shut-down and electric circuits switched off. Wire diameters, the physical state of the electrical installation, the dimensioning of the electrical safety- and switch-gear, loop impedance, earthing resistance, connection of protective conductor and isolation resistance were verified. The plant document for each of the buildings now comprises of up to date single line diagrams as well as all assessment reports. A good documentation later facilitates easy extension or reconstruction and saves time at the next verification.