Concpet PV Street-Lights

Planning and Design of Photovoltaic Power Plants

The design of the PV plant according to all relevant standards and regulations will make sure that the plant will work safely and reliably with risks of failure or damage reduced as far as economically viable. The use of the latest design software will guarantee effective yet cost-efficient component selection.

  • detailed drawings (module mounting, electrical single line AC and DC)
  • selection of main components such as PV panels and inverters
  • low-loss yet cost-efficient selection of electrical components such as circuit breakers, transformers, switches and cables
  • deisgn of special PV systems such as off-grid, diesel-hybrid or DC generators


PV simulation and yield study

Yield Surveys

The yield survey gives the investor confidence that a specific yield or performance ratio (PR) will be achieved by the PV-plant, thus reducing the technical risk of his investment.

  • Estimating electric yield at the specific site considering near and far shading, components used and geometries of the installation
  • recommendations for yield optimization
  • Business Plan for PV-plant


PV simulation

Technical Due Diligence

All technical documentation needs to be checked and verified (e.g. before procuring a PV plant). This will guarantee that all relevant drawings, datasheets, calcucations and documents are available and according to the relevant standards and regulations. The technical due diligence shows failures or shortcomings in documents or the PV installation before they become an issue.

  • verification of drawings and documentation according to relevant standards
  • verification of component selection and cable diameters
  • electrical verification & testing (BS EN 62446)
  • PV-performance considerations
  • PV-curve meausrements
  • Inspection with infrared camera


Single Line drawing

Submission planning of photovoltaic projects

For the submission planning of a PV installation special care is taken of a detailed documentation that allows the relevant authorities to issue a building permit for the PV-plant without the need for later changes or amendments. This includes the design of all plans, drawings and documents as well as the submission of all necessary requests and applications (zoning, grid connection, building permit, incentive scheme)

  • Feasibility check & concept design
  • Cadaster map excerpt
  • detailled planning and design according to relevant standards
  • design of grid connection, transformers and energy meters
  • glaring survey
  • project submission
  • attainment of building permit



Construction of PV power-plants

We develop and plan PV power-plants and support the construction of large PV-plants as site supervisor or project manager. Site management, site logistics, incoming goods acceptance, claims management, instruction and supervision of personnel and subcontractors, verification and commissioning is executed to clients' complete satisfaction. A smooth organization of the construction site allows faster, cost-effective construction with avoidance of errors.

We build our PV plants with high quality European components and are able to provide all works including start-up and acceptance tests as a seamless turnkey project. All our plants are planned and constructed according to European norms and regulations. A complete plant documentation, CE-certification and maintenance manual is included with all our installations.

Operation and Maintenance of PV power-plants

We verify, monitor and maintain PV power-plants. Our broad spectrum of services allows cost-efficient and fast completion of all works. Performance measurement, visual inspection, verification and exchange of inverters and PV-panels, performance optimization, verification of electrical safety, earthing measurement, infrared measurement of PV panels and electrical panels, verification of lightning protection equipment, insurance survey report, management of warranty claims.


Jakob Zehndorfer is Expert Witness for Photovoltaics at the Austrian court of law.


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