Lighting measurement and assessment of advertising boards

Lighting Measuremetn at Spar

March 2016 - Since the responsible authorities were suspecting a glaring hazard for road traffic and neighbors caused by the billboards of newly opened supermarket in Finkenstein (Carinthia, Austria), supermarket chain Spar commissioned Zehndorfer Engineering with the photometric measurement and assessment of the potential glaring hazard according to Austrian norms O1052 and RVS05.06.12.
While RVS05.06.12 regulates the measurement of glaring with regard to road traffic, O1052 deals with the dazzling effect on neighbors. For these measurements the values of illumination and luminance (of all colors) have to be measured and rated with the background luminance. The calculation of the maximum luminance takes these parameters, as well as the surface area, distance and angle of a lighted object into account.